Vernet-les-Bains is the ideal starting point for exploring on foot the wonderful landscapes of the Canigou massif and the Cady Valley, beautiful at all times of the year. Signposted walks range from an hour-long stroll to full-day outings.




pause randonnée sur le canigou


direction le pic du canigou


cascade saint vincent et des anglais


en direction du pic de l'Alzina

Le balisage et l'entretien du réseau de sentiers de la vallée du Cady sont de la compétence de la commune de Vernet-les-Bains.


Walk description cards


Thirteen walk description cards (with translations in English) are on sale at the tourist office. They describe circuits which follow waymarked paths in and around the Cady Valley. The cards cost 1.20 euros each, or the whole pack for 13,20 euros.



walk description cards vernet les bains




3 circuits officially recognised


ffrp pyrénées orientales

The circuits now include three that have been officially recognised by the FFRP (the walkers' organisation of France). These three routes - to the Pic d'Alzina, the Tour de Cogoullo and the Tour de Badebanys - are maintained and signposted to nationally-recognised standards.





tour de goa


chapelle saint clément


Les itinéraires :



fiche rando direction les cascades
N°1 : A circuit in the Cady Valley english version - french version - 3 hours/easy

N°3 : The Corneilla Fillols circuit english version - french version - 2.30 hours/easy

N°4 : The Ambullas plateau english version - french version - 4.45 hours/medium

N°5 : High above the villages english version - french version - 4.45 hours/difficult

N°6 : The Cogollo circuit via the Resistance Monument english version - french version - 5.15 hours/difficult

N°7 : The "Cascades" walk to the Saint Vincent waterfall and the "English visitors'waterfall" english version - french version - 2.45 hiyrs/easy

N°8 : The Pic de l'Alzina via the Winter Garden english version - french version - 2.30 hours/easy

N°9 : The Belle Epoque circuit english version - french version - 1.15 hours/easy

N°10 : The Pic de la Pena circuit english version - french version - 2.30 hours/medium

N°11: The tour de Goa circuit english version - french version - 4.15 hours/medium

N°12 : The Badabanys Towers english version - french version - 3.15 hours/easy

N°13 : The figure of ieght walk english version - french version - 3.30 hours/difficult




Several professional guides are based in this area. Throughout the year, they can offer you guided walks in the surrounding hills and mountains. They can also accompany you in other outdoor pursuits -snowshoe walking, mountain-bike, riding, canyoning, ...